[vlc-devel] Streaming MRL issue: MRL incorrectly created via GUI?

Claudio Allocchio Claudio.Allocchio at garr.it
Mon Dec 14 19:16:21 CET 2009

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:

> Le lundi 14 décembre 2009 17:52:58 Claudio Allocchio, vous avez écrit :
>> whichever other combination entered via the GUI (selecting "Open RTP/UDP
>> Stream" button and filling in the GUI form) produces the wrong MRL
>>    RTP Multicast IP Address Port 1234
>>      produces the MRL rtp://@   ! ":1234" is missing !
>>    UDP Multicast IP Address Port 1234
>>      produces the MRL udp://@   ! ":1234" is missing !
> There are currently no maintainers for the MacOS UI, so I would not hold my
> breath for resolution unless you have a patch.

We have not (yet) checked into the UI source code. Thus no patch for the 
moment. We will have a look...

however the issue is not "fatal", as there is the workaround to enter 
manually the correct MRL. Thus for the moment it could be enough to 
document the issue and the workaround for MacOS.

I will also mak a further check for XP, and in case also there there is a 

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