[vlc-devel] Cross-compiling vlc-1.0.3 Error

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Tue Dec 15 15:53:46 CET 2009

> -- Could you please send me the correct commands to checkout/clone the vlc
> version that you mentioned above "1.1 by
> c6d58bc3e628f035a27a5485ba4ec6c02f30c914" ?


c6d58bc3e628f035a27a5485ba4ec6c02f30c914 is the sha id of the commit.
once you have cloned vlc.git, you'll be able to see this commit with:
 "git show c6d58bc3e628f035a27a5485ba4ec6c02f30c914"



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