[vlc-devel] OS X Help?

David Tome tome72 at rochester.rr.com
Sat Dec 19 01:19:41 CET 2009


My name is David Tome and I am emailing to find out if there is really  
a need to help support the OS X side of this project?

Also I would like to understand if anyone can tell me how far behind  
the project is on that front. I have considered many times getting  
involved with the VLC project, but until now I was not aware there was  
that much need. I have been working on with Apple development  
technologies since 1995, so I am sure some of my knowledge can help on  
this front.

I am also familiar with libmpeg2, liveMedia/live55 and other third  
party components being used with VLC, so I might also be able to help  
out in those areas as needed.


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