[vlc-devel] ASX ads behaviour - patch proposal

Pierre Souchay pierre at souchay.net
Sat Dec 19 12:40:55 CET 2009

Hi Videolan developpers,

I recently tried to read this playlist using VLC :


This playlist has a unique entry with CLIENTSKIP="NO".

And I could not figure why the entry was skipped. I saw there is a skip ads 
feature in the ASX parser code. Basically, it considers that the clientskip 
attribute is intended for ads. While it makes sense in most cases, in this 
case, VLC does not open the stream which is painful.

When a single entry is found, it should be played even there is a clientskip 

I made a patch for VLC and seems to work well.

When the first entry is read and has a clientskip attribute, It keeps a backup 
of the playlist entry for later use. If another entry exists without 
clientskip attribute, the backup will be discarded.

When finished parsing, we search for a backup, if found, we add it (it means we 
did not added any entry).

You will find a patch as attachment.


Pierre Souchay
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