[vlc-devel] Introduce myself

Wolf wolf.st.kappesser at gmx.de
Sun Dec 20 14:50:43 CET 2009

Hello dear list,

my name is Wolf Stephan and I am from Braunschweig,Germany. I programming on computers since I am 12 beginning with a C64 in 1992. A half year ago I bought me a Mac Mini and changed from Qt 4.x and C++ to Cocoa and ObjC. I like to play "Die Siedler" and meet them since the first version on 1994. "Doom I / II" I like also very much. Since this time the games get no innovations so much so I  care about my other hobbies like chess and go and boardgames in general, reading, go out and looking tv.
I read an article on the net, which talked about the VLC problems on Mac OS X and so I look around and think about the opportunity of get involved by this project. First we need to know more about the other to become concret I think.  At last I will announce that it will be my first opensource project I will work on - so be compassionated.  

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