[vlc-devel] RTSP special commands in the interface using live555

Ivan Alen Fernandez ivan.alen at uclouvain.be
Mon Dec 21 18:51:11 CET 2009

Please any idea which source should i go to do it????

> Hello all,
> I am using the latest versions of VLC as a client for RTSP communications.
> In the server i am using the live555 media library.
> I wanted to know how to send RTSP commands when some buttons are pressed
> during the streaming. For example the button for fast reward/rewind that
> in the latest versions of VLC doesnt have any functionality for RTSP
> streaming.
> I have enabled the support of live555 libraries for VLC. My objective is
> to send a RTSP command when the fast reward button is pressed. This
> command only needs a tricky PLAY to trigger the switching of streams in
> the server(it just needs to carry the temporal stamp of the streaming,
> range NTP greater than 0). The server is already modified to react with
> this command, from the player side, VLC, only this message is required to
> enable the switching, i dont want to change anything else in the
> configuration of VLC.
> This feature was already working in the 0.8.6 version for MAC(when the
> fast forward button was pressed, the speed of the streaming communication
> was not increased but this command was sent always to the server side,
> maybe an old bug???). I have read a lot of messages about fixing the
> problems with RTSP tricky commands but it seems that this is not working
> yet. Can anyone help to me?
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Best regards
> Ivan
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