[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Extensions and Lua dialogs

Jean-Philippe André jpeg at videolan.org
Tue Dec 22 23:44:07 CET 2009

Hello guys,

I hope you enjoyed the VDDs as much as I did.
And sorry for those who couldn't come.

Now it's time for me to submit the Extensions I've presented back then.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here are some

List of patches:
[PATCH 1/8] Extensions: public include
[PATCH 2/8] Extensions: Lua implementation for dialogs
[PATCH 3/8] Extensions: core library
[PATCH 4/8] Extensions: buildsystem
[PATCH 5/8] Extensions/Qt: dialogs
[PATCH 6/8] Extensions/Qt: Qt extensions manager
[PATCH 7/8] Extensions/Qt: buildsystem + menu entries
[PATCH 8/8] Extensions: Lua documentation (to be completed)

You'll find example Lua scripts in:

And captures (nothing new here):

I've not moved the dialog library to the core, and I don't really intend
to. They seem to me too complex to be of any use outside (easy to code)
Lua scripts. It is now possible to use the Lua dialog API from any Lua
script (if luaopen_dialog() is invoked), and not only Extensions.
This can be useful for Lua Service Discoveries, but could also be used
for other reasons.

If everything is fine, please feel free to push to master yourself (or
slap me until I do it).

Thank you,

Jean-Philippe André (jpeg)

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