[vlc-devel] Mac OSX developer.

Doug Pedley dpedley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 00:31:08 CET 2009

For developers consideration,

I would like to offer some of my time to the VLC workforce. I feel  
that I can fill Mac developer spot that is open.
I have a busy life of programming, but would like to devote time to  
the VLC project if it is a good fit.

I'm an active software engineer, programming on various Unix, Linux,  
Mac platforms for 15+ years now.
I have experience also in Linux open source, I worked on the Trixbox  
project in '07. (trixbox.org, a VOIP solution)

I am currently a iPhone Developer and know XCode development well. My  
core languages have always been C/C++
and the related derivative languages (C#, Objective C, etc)

I've worked in plenty of development teams, and I am comfortable with  
SVN, GIT and other code repositories. I have
also worked with various bug trackers and wiki based documentation  

My weak points in relation to this project could probably be summed up  
	1. video codec knowledge this would be new for me.
	2. the specific build process.

Both of which I feel confident I could learn.

I have a badly outdated resume at dpedley.com I will try to update it  
to reflect my last few years of work.

Thanks for the consideration.

dpedley at gmail.com

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