[vlc-devel] mosaic and fake-file fix ?

Nicolas nicolas.vanhaute at ac-clermont.fr
Mon Dec 28 20:53:28 CET 2009

hi Antoine,

I talk about problem when background has to be refresh.
I use mosaic like that :
stream an image with fake-file
relay a video stream received in udp 

fake-file is used to be shown when no video stream is received in udp
so problem with 0.9 and next is that when video stream is stopped, background doesn't appear and from vlc client, stream stops
it works like a charm with 0.8.6i
I tested to use other codecs, other streaming protocol... same problem. I already opened a bug in your bugtracker 6 month ago without any news.

if you have an idea, that would be great



PS : you can contact me directly, I'm french, maybe that could be more easy :-)

Hello Nicolas,

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009, Nicolas wrote:
 Since 0.9 exists and next, no one has fixed issue with mosaic

 would be cool to do something for users like me that use it.

 I had to stay with 0.8.6i just because of that.

What issue are you talking about?


Antoine Cellerier

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