[vlc-devel] DXVA : workaround for a bug in ATI drivers

Geoffroy Couprie geo.couprie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 07:16:04 CET 2009


De: "Mathieu Velten"

hello !

I am a hacker on the directshow player MPC-HC. I just see that you add
hardware acceleration (great work !).
I read the code and it seems that you are not aware of a DXVA
implementation bug in ATI driver :
the ATI driver needs the scaling matrix in raster order (vs zigzag
order in the standard).
You should change the fill_scaling_lists function accordingly in the
ffmpeg dxva2 patch using the "workaround" field of the context I
this bug should only trigger with files using custom matrices since a
flat matrix is the same with both orders.


Thanks for reporting this! Is ATI aware of this bug? Or, in other words, when will we need to change the detection code to accept new drivers?


Geoffroy Couprie

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