[vlc-devel] ASX ads behaviour - patch proposal 2

Pierre Souchay pierre at souchay.net
Wed Dec 30 14:47:34 CET 2009


I recently tried to read this playlist using VLC :


This playlist has a unique entry with CLIENTSKIP="NO".
<Title>Simulcast NRJ</Title>
	<ref href="mms://vipnrj.yacast.net/encodernrj" />
   <ref href="mms://vipnrj.yacast.net/encodernrj_sat" />

With such playlist, VLC currently plays nothing because here is a skip  
ads feature in the ASX parser code. Basically, it considers that the  
clientskip attribute is intended for ads. While it makes sense in most  
cases, when a single entry is found, it should be played even there is  
a clientskip attribute.

I made a patch for VLC and seems to work well.

When the first entry is read and has a clientskip attribute, It keeps  
a backup of the playlist entry for later use. If another entry exists  
without clientskip attribute, the backup will be discarded.

When finished parsing, we search for a backup, if found, we add it (it  
means we did not find any entry).

You will find a unified diff patch as attachment.


Pierre Souchay

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