[vlc-devel] Lunettes

Georg Seifert georg.seifert at gmx.de
Wed Dec 30 23:15:50 CET 2009


I did download and compiled Lunettes and I really like it.

I have some things to point out but I’m not sure what issues are known and are under development. 

There are some minor drawing issues with the playlist. Mainly the windows title bar. The top left corner is not rounded if the playlist is visible.

The button to open/close the playlist should be in the bottom bar. Just next to the progress bar.

If I have selected "My Videos" in the Splash screen, I have all movies from my Movies folder. But the subfolders appear as films and play the first item inside the sub folder.

The title bar of the window should show the name of the playing movie not the title of the playlist.

It would be nice, if the window behaves like a document window with icon dragging and command click on the filename.

The "Step forward/backward" in VLC was 10 sec. I liked it to jump back just 10 sec. if I missed a dialog.

If I click on a movie in the playlist and it is in the unfinished movies list, it should continue at the last position or at least ask (like Front Row)

The splash screen does not look very mac like.

Is it possible to have a single window for the playlist? (accessible through a style)

I can dive in a bit if you may tell me what the most important things are.

Thanks for you hard work

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