[vlc-devel] Theora in configure.ac

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 2 23:05:47 CET 2009

>  I am not sure, but I think the ffmpeg decoder works pretty well, so the
> native theora decoder should not be needed (unless there is a problem with
> our
> wrapper).

Actually, I was bisecting yesterday for a problem that only
shows up when using the ffmpeg plugin for decoding Theora
video (I really didn't intend on using ffmpeg, I'd forgotten to
disable it and enable Theora as I usually do).
Kate subtitles are drawn with what seems to be an incorrect
stride for chroma (but luma's OK). Not sure *what* causes
it, as I had a hard time bisecting due to the ffmpeg plugin
apparently being broken for a while in January.

Also, I wouldn't be too surprised if ffmpeg only implemented
the bits it likes in the Theora spec. The new Thusnelda
encoder makes much more use of the freedom offered by
the format.

Now, it may not be ffmpeg's fault, but some side effect, I'll
know when I've found it.

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