[vlc-devel] the new patch for real video has submit

王波 silencewang at msn.com
Wed Feb 4 07:28:31 CET 2009

oh, fix it.

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 15:35:05 +1100From: xxcv07 at gmail.comTo: vlc-devel at videolan.orgSubject: Re: [vlc-devel] the new patch for real video has submit王波 wrote: 

ok, it is the last patch.g_decode_path has already been freed, don't print it in debug message.
+        if( asprintf( &g_decode_path, "%s/drv43260.dll", psz_paths + i ) != -1 )+        {+            p_sys->rv_handle = load_syms(p_dec, g_decode_path);+            free( g_decode_path );+        }+        if( p_sys->rv_handle )+            break;++        msg_Dbg( p_dec, "Cannot load real decoder library: %s", g_decode_path);
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