[vlc-devel] Mac OS X 10.4 support for VLC 1.0

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 5 16:50:58 CET 2009

Hello guys,

as some of you know, I've been experimenting with Apple's LLVM GCC 4.2  
compiler for quite some time. As this compiler requires the usage of  
the 10.5 SDK, I discovered that OS X 10.5 supports proper cancelation  
points, so VLC.app compiled from the latest master source runs and  
more importantly quits correctly (and really fast in fact).
Because of this and a few other API limitations, I'm wondering whether  
we could drop the support for 10.4 once we release VLC 1.0. IMO, VLC  
0.9.9 will be a solid release (whenever it will be published...) and  
therefore a nice last version for 10.4. What's your opinion?

Since Apple itself will probably drop support for 10.4 once 10.6 is  
released (some time this spring) and the market share of 10.4 is  
shrinking, I think this step would be justified...

Best regards,


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