[vlc-devel] [PATCH] -- uniformize dealing with file://

brezhoneg1 brezhoneg1 at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 7 22:38:27 CET 2009


When dealing with regular files, policy with regard to adding "file://"
is not consistent throughout vlc.

- When exporting a playlist, m3u.c doesn't add file:// whereas xspf.c
adds it.
- When importing a single file into qt4 playlist, no file:// is added
whereas when importing a whole directory, file:// are added (because
directory.c adds file://)
- When drag and drop is used with qt4 playlist, no file:// is added.

Since still image has been introduced in the form of [fake://]image.ext,
this hardcoded "file://" leads to a buggy behavior in some circumstances
(directory.c and xspf.c)

My suggestion, if you accept it, would be to simply remove the hardcoded
"file://" when not necessary.
Advantages will be:
- In qt4 playlist, regular files will always be processed the same way
whatever the means to import them.
(Through access/access_demux automatic detection based on priorities)
- Saving a playlist as a m3u or a xspf file will behave in the same way.
- In future, if another special access_demux is required for a regular
file of a given type, it will be taken into account without any problem
throughout vlc.


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