[vlc-devel] Spawning a vout when none is available

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 9 17:23:12 CET 2009

> No you don't. If you didn't want to display an ES, then why would you create
> it to start with? Especially video ESs - VLC displays all of them not just
> one, contrary to audio ESs.

Right, I'm sorry for being slow, but you've lost me :/

I (originally, when wanting use merge slides onto a possible video,
which I don't anymore) would not have created a vout that I didn't
want to display. I would have either:
- displayed slides overlaid on an existing video vout, if there was
a video (hence my asking whether it's possible to know/get such
a vout without having to resort to the vlc_find_object function)
- or, if there was no such video, created a new vout to display the
slides onto.

So I'm not sure where I'd have created a vout that I didn't want to
use. Any preexisting vout would have been used by the video it
was created for (and with my preliminary patch here, that's what
it is used for too).

Note that from my point of view (the plugin's code), I do not know
what other streams might be muxed with the slides; there might or
might not be a video, and the plugin doesn't know in advance.

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