[vlc-devel] top_srcdir issue

"Ben(jamin) Gérard" sashipa.ben at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 17:40:18 CET 2009

The line (and possible others)


 of `configure.ac' assumes that top_srcdir is relative path. I am not so sure
about it. In fact top_srcdir is computed by configure by something similar to
$(dirname "$0"). If configure script is called with an absolute path (e.g $
/src/vlc/configure) compilation will break. May be it is just illegal to use
configure with absolute path but it does not seem like it. I have check for
autoconf documentation as well as GNU default INSTALL file and I have not
found any reference to such limitation. I am pretty sure configure would warn
or error if this behavior was illegal.


      MINIZIP_CFLAGS="-I at abs_top_srcdir@/libs/unzip"

would do.



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