[vlc-devel] VLM public API: Querying media information

Alexander Bethke abethke at oamk.fi
Mon Feb 23 13:47:26 CET 2009


I'm trying to get the Java bindings for VLM a bit up to date / in shape 
and came across some questions regarding the VLM API.

At the moment there is no way to get information back from vlm. The 
libvlc_vlm_show_media has obviously been crippled (it seems to have been 
left out in an API refactoring step). Those 
libvlc_vlm_get_media_instance_something functions don't really provide 
enough information to do something much with it.
I tried of course to fix the libvlc_vlm_show_media to return some 
representation of what is given out on the telnet interface. But of 
course this is not really the way to go, nor did I succeed in fixing it. 
(That heavy pointer-usage in vlm maxes out my C-knowledge quickly.)
There is some struct definition commented out in input/vlm.c that looks 
like the start of something that I would be looking for. So what was the 
idea about that one? Or how is information to be query from vlm via 
public libvlc api?

Regards, Alex

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