[vlc-devel] look and stream from IP camera..

Mauricio Henriquez mhenriquezs at terra.cl
Sat Feb 28 02:21:13 CET 2009

Hi guys, sorry if this question is in the wronge list...

Two question about streaming from IP cameras..

First I have a really old and bad IP camera that make a stream in a 
propietarie format, but I can get the last picture that the camera take 
from the camera URL like http://mycamera/cgi-bin?video.jpg
So my question is if I can make a stream from this images?, looking for 
something I find the "--fake-file-reload" option, with I think that may 
be can help, is posible to make a regular rstp or udp stream from this 
images (is like vlc take this images from time to time a put it in the 

Second question is for a kind of better camera, this one can make a 
mjpeg stream, here I think that is kind of more easy for vlc to show the 
mjpeg stream from the camera, bit I don't have any idea about what 
options to use/set, any examples to begin to try?

Really thanks for any tips..


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