[vlc-devel] RE : RE : [PATCH] -- still image demux

Antoine Cellerier dionoea at videolan.org
Sun Jan 4 23:43:50 CET 2009

On Sun, Jan 04, 2009, brezhoneg1 wrote:
> A more complex thing could be to cache the decoded image. Actually, that
> is the current implementation of fake divided into a fake access_demux
> and a fake decoder. This was certainly done on purpose for better
> performance, but with the drawback of more complexity for end-users.

Couldn't we decode the picture in the demuxer (ok, that's ugly :)), and
just send the raw frame in the ES, instead of the encoded data?

> Last thing, is there a reason why only 2 out of 4 patches were applied
> from the previous mail I sent?

Yes, I was waiting for answers to my questions. I still think that it
might be a good idea (for performance) to kind of bypass the demux vs
decoder split and do the decoding in the demuxer.

Antoine Cellerier

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