[vlc-devel] [Linux] Source code example of an intra-frame video codec? Where does it fit in VLC?

Ed Sutton ESutton at fescorp.com
Tue Jan 6 21:40:02 CET 2009

Please direct me to the correct forum or mail list if I am in the wrong group.

I wish to get oriented with the VLC code base yet do not know where to start.  A source code example that uses a simple video decoder is ideal - something I could debug into.    Can someone please point to what modules and interfaces I should start learning?

I need to develop a video decoder for motion JPEG 2000 (MJ2) for the Linux platform.  I want to  use the OpenJPEG  "JPEG 2000 decoder"  for the decoder implementation.   This is a frame-based Intra-frame encoding scheme that uses no inter-frame differential  compression.  Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.



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