[vlc-devel] JVLC Crash when attaching Listeners

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Sat Jan 10 02:47:08 CET 2009

Joseph Neubauer ha scritto:
> Hi!
> I'm new to VLC especially to JVLC.
> For a project I tried out JVLC and started with the example code 
> (VLCExample) and experienced crashes when attaching a listener and play 
> multiple files with the same JVLC instance or pushing pause/play/stop often.

I've just pushed the explict release() work. So, native resources get
automatically released on finalize(), but if you know when to release
something, you can call release() on the java object. Releasing a
media_player will also unregister all the associated callbacks.


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