[vlc-devel] Problems playing PES-Stream in TrickMode speed (fast forward, slow motion...)

Laurent Aimar fenrir at via.ecp.fr
Sat Jan 10 20:36:08 CET 2009

On Fri, Dec 26, 2008, Matthias Bauer wrote:
>    I'm currently working to get VLC running properly as player for the VDR
>    with ffnetdev-plugin streaming server. This works fine for playing live TV
>    or recordings in normal speed.
>    But as soon as I try to "fast forward" or "fast reverse" a recording,
>    VLC gets a problem with to fast  or even reverse PTS/DTS timestamps in the
>    stream, because these timestamps are the originals from the recording.
>    --> Main question:
>    How do I have to manipulate the stream in VDR to get i played proprerly on
>    VLC while these trickmode playing?
I am not sure of what you are doing:
 - do you have a normal file and are trying to play it faster/slower ?
 - or are you creating a special file that play at a speed that is not the
 default one ?

>    I already tryed to insert additional trick mode infos as defined
>    in ISO-13818-1
 VLC does not read them.

> or to remove the PTS/DTS info while playing in trickmode
>    speed, but both didn't work as expected:
 And vlc won't like stream without dts/pts.

>    The trickmode info seems to be ignored. Even after swiching back to normal
>    speed, VLC still plays very slow pictures from "fast forward" for a long
>    time.
 VLC master might have a better behaviour with slow/fast (the transition should
be ~ instantaneous when vlc is asked to play faster/slower).


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