[vlc-devel] JVLC Crash when attaching Listeners

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Sun Jan 11 11:45:53 CET 2009

Joseph Neubauer ha scritto:
> Hi Filippo,
> this should be a good approach.
> ...
> method out. Every time a call libvlc_media_player_release(...) I get
> LibVLC fatal error destroying mutex in thread 2078993296 at
> control/event.c:96: 16
>  Error message: Device or resource busy at:
> /usr/lib/libvlccore.so.0(vlc_pthread_fatal+0xb5)[0x7b8accc5]

 Please try the latest code, I've pushed the implementation for release
methods. If it doesn't work in your code, please write a unit test so
that I can reproduce the issue.


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