[vlc-devel] New video filter MODULE_STRING undeclared

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Sat Jan 17 23:49:38 CET 2009

I'm attempting to write a video filter for VLC and write now I'm just 
trying to compile "scale.c" found in modules/video_filter. I'm trying to 
compile under Visual Studio 2005 with VLC 0.9.8a. When I compile, I get 
'MODULE_STRING' undeclared identifier. I was able to successfully write an 
audio filter and had to define MODULE_STRING so I try this in my video 

#define MODULE_STRING "MyTest_Video_Filter"

but it doesn't work. Tracing the error leads to "vlc_filter.h" line 106 
which is the msg_Warn function. 

static inline picture_t *filter_NewPicture( filter_t *p_filter )
    picture_t *p_picture = p_filter->pf_vout_buffer_new( p_filter );
    if( !p_picture )
        msg_Warn( p_filter, "can't get output picture" );
    return p_picture;

So far Ihaven't made any changes to "scale.c". Any ideas on what I'm 
missing? Thanks!
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