[vlc-devel] --ignore-config in mozilla plugin

Dmitry Karasik dmitry at karasik.eu.org
Sun Jan 18 21:33:44 CET 2009

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 09:52:23PM +0200, R?mi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le vendredi 16 janvier 2009 11:37:51 Dmitry Karasik, vous avez ?crit :
> > My mozilla plugin plays video very slow and choppy, because the default VLC
> > settings are apparently not working for my hardware.  Changing settings in
> > the VLC player doesn't help, because there's hardcoded --ignore-config in
> > line 120 in projects/mozilla/vlcplugin.cpp.
> Which setting?

Any setting. Not just a single, ANY setting. Am I right that you haven't
checked how does plugin handle setting before answering?

> > I wouldn't propose to remove --ignore-config unconditionally, apparently
> > there were reasons for doing so, but I'd like to ask for directions how do
> > I change preference for the plugin then?
> If it's a bug with a certain setting, then fix the bug.
> If some _default_ setting is wrong, then fix _that_, otherwise autodetect the 
> right setting depending on running system.

Even if these wishes would be implemented, the problem won't be solved.

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> R?mi Denis-Courmont
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	Dmitry Karasik

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