[vlc-devel] cant find ffmpeg

nick.parker at chequeredvideo.com nick.parker at chequeredvideo.com
Tue Jan 27 00:28:21 CET 2009

Not sure if this is right list to post to but I am having problems
building on CentOS5.

Have downloaded and installed ffmpeg into /usr/local/ffmpeg
The .pc files are in /usr/local/ffmpeg/pkgconfig

This is my configure script

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/ffmpeg/pkgconfig
./configure \
	--prefix=/usr/local \
	--enable-shared \
	--enable-debug \
	--disable-taglib \
	--enable-live555 \
	--disable-ogg \
	--disable-mad \
	--disable-libmpeg2 \

However it comlains that when checking for AVCODEC it is unable to find
libavcodec or libavutil.  Both the static and dynamic versions of these
libraries are in /usr/local/ffmpeg/lib.

I dont understand why the configure process cannot find these libraries.

Appologies if this is the wrong list and many thanks for any response.


Nick Parker

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