[vlc-devel] How to build a debug version of libavcodec?

Ed Sutton ESutton at fescorp.com
Tue Jan 27 18:49:23 CET 2009

> Can you try to avoid hijacking of threads?

By hijacking I understand I must have posted a new thread with an identical subject of an old thread.  Sorry, I did not realize this. I apologize - I know I have much to learn.

Is there an online searchable mailing list archive?  Or is there a recommended mailing list client to use?

In case others may find it helpful, the answer to my question is to add these configure options to build a debug version of libavcodec:

configure --enable-shared --disable-static --disable-optimizations --disable-mmx --disable-stripping

Sorry, I will keep searching for a searchable mailing list archive.


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