[vlc-devel] [PATCH] VLM add inputs events

Sébastien Escudier sebastien-devel at celeos.eu
Thu Jul 2 11:31:17 CEST 2009


thanks for the review.

Quoting Laurent Aimar <fenrir at via.ecp.fr>:

>  It would be simpler to have a unique event like
> (or a better name) and simply reuse input_state_e (at least at the vlm core
> level).

Should I add a parameter (input_state_e) to the Trigger function and to the
vlm_event_t structure? but it would not be used for other vlm events. Or maybe
create new ones ?

> About the event, it might also be better to send the
> instance name as well (vlm_media_instance_t::psz_name).

Then I would have to search in all p_media->instance and find the good one. It
would make the callback a little bit slower no ?

You can find attached a new patch, but it may still require modifications,
depends on you answers.



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