[vlc-devel] RTSP: How to Announce EOF event to the RTSP Client

ravinder ravinder.bhukya at zenmediasolutions.net
Sat Jul 11 08:26:38 CEST 2009


I have transcoded a file using x264. The resultant, transcoded file is not
giving timestamp while playing. I have ingested that file into VLC
streamming server through command line. As its duration is not retrieved the
SDP doesn't contain the duration of the video so that at the end of the file
client can send the TEARDOWN. So, now the problem is: The EOF (end of file)
event is occurring at server end and client is not known about that and it's
still expecting rtp data. But, at the server end the EOF is occurred and
RTSP session is still alive and there is flow of media data. To resolve this
problem I want to ANNOUNCE about the EOF event to the client so that it will
send TEARDOWN to the server and the RTSP session can be stopped.
Can, anyone help me how I can know about the EOF event in
modules/misc/rtsp.c file for that particular session? and 
How can I send a ANNOUNCE message to the client?


Thanks & Regards,



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