[vlc-devel] segfault in mpgatofixed32.c

Barry Wardell barry.wardell at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:27:51 CEST 2009

> I get a reproducible crash in a loop within DoWork:
> int i_size = p_out_buf->i_nb_bytes / sizeof(float);
> float * a = (float *)p_out_buf->p_buffer;
> for ( i = 0 ; i < i_size ; i++ )
>   *a++ = 0.0; // crash

I came across a very similar crash on the exact same line last week. For
other files, I also got a crash in
modules/audio_filter/converter/a52tofloat32.c:287. After wasting a lot of
time and not being able to find anything wrong in gdb, I eventually found my
problem in an unexpected place: I had previously installed a version of VLC
I had compiled into /usr/local, which was interfering with the version I had
compiled. Removing all traces of VLC and its modules in /usr/local fixed

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