[vlc-devel] libvlc API: Add equalizer to audio.c

Cyril MATHE cmathe at actech-innovation.com
Tue Jul 28 09:47:32 CEST 2009

Le lundi 27 juillet 2009 à 22:34 -0700, Pierre d'Herbemont a écrit :
> Hey Cyril,
> This review process can be sometimes harsh, but it is not. And slow,
> but that's a time zone issue :-)
No problem with that, don't worry :-)
> Here is an API proposal that I could see working:
I am writing what I have understand about your proposal and a few
questions and suggestions about it.
> unsigned libvlc_audio_equalizer_presets_get_count();
return the number of equalizer presets
> char * libvlc_audio_equalizer_preset_name_at_index();
return the equalizer preset name, shouldn't be like this :
char * libvlc_audio_equalizer_preset_name_at_index(unsigned index);
what do you mean by libvlc_audio_equalizer ?
> libvlc_audio_equalizer *
> libvlc_audio_equalizer_new_from_preset_name(const char *);
set a preset ? i would prefer that it take an integer instead of a char

> libvlc_audio_equalizer *  libvlc_audio_equalizer_new(); /* eventually ? */
enable equalizer ? shouldn't be: libvlc_audio_equalizer_new(bool
> libvlc_audio_equalizer_get_band_count();
return the band number

> libvlc_audio_equalizer_(get|set)_amplification_at_band_index(unsigned);
get set a amplification value. It must take a float value for set:
libvlc_audio_equalizer_set_amplification_at_band_index(unsigned index,
float band _value);

> libvlc_audio_equalizer_(get|set)_preamplification();
take a float value for set ?
> libvlc_media_player_(get|set)_equalizer(libvlc_audio_equalizer *);
can you be more specific on libvlc_audio_equalizer ? and i really
understand what this function is supposed to do


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