[vlc-devel] VLC MiniMode Widget: SVG/CSS based Media Playback Notification and Controller

Rohit Yadav rohityadav89 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 04:51:23 CEST 2009

Greetings all,

I have fixed all coding styles, indentations, text, comments and bools.

J-B actually I started with QGridLayout in the original protoype but was not
comfortable with it and I was not able to code the UI like it now. I'll try
to do it again this time using QGridLayout. All the labels are fixed. The
About part is removed ;-)

>Do we really need CSS, when using SvG?
setStyle() etc. can be used, but I'll have to look for it. CSS can be
removed, then I'll have to write a theme manager myself. Otherwise, the
widget can't be made theme-able.

>Along with it, presumably, a dependency on some SVG library or
>other. That brings up the question whether the SVG adds substantial
>functionality that cannot easily be had by, oh, converting the pictures
>used to PNG or something. I'd like to hear a bit about the rationale.

That's a good question. The points I would like to address here is quality
of image and memory usage. If we start using SVGs by replacing all the
pixmaps from VLC, the quality of images will increase while size will

You tell me 100Kb PNG Vs 2 Kb SVG, while SVG has better quality, I really
don't know if SVG will take more memory than PNG. Folks, comment.

If SVGs are not to be used, it might have saved me many hours of coding :-)

Qt, Java, W3C, WHATWG etc, everyone's promoting SVG. There has to be a
reason why these people are doing that.
I think we need quality, we have all the memory and processing in the world.
Just a thought.

Though, if SVG is to be used only for this project, I will try to code the
widget without using SVGs as adding a QtSvg dependency might not be liked by
many devs. Comment soon.

Regarding volume related functions, I'll fix it: J-B's way or jpd's way or
my way :-)

And, thanks *"jpd"* for suggesting using enums. I don't know if there are
headers that have those enums, I'll find and it. I actually obtained those
values by hacking VLC.

Can someone do a Memory and Processor use comparisions for VLC with the
widget and without the widget. Thanks.

The default time to hide the widget is kept 5000ms. With Qt's Animation
package, Qt-Kinetics coming soon, we can use a fade function may be. Or,
leave it as it is. J-B suggested to use fading like FullScreenController.
What to use? Comment.

Comment on UI. J-B proposed to use the widget in place of the taskbar icon's
menu. Then, how and where to place a close(cross) button. I suggest to keep
it locked when someone right-clicks the taskbar icon and people can click
the lock to unlock and hide/close the widget.

I'll post a fixed patch asap, may be by tomorrow evening.

Rohit Yadav
"The geek says signing in and signing out!"
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