[vlc-devel] New Mac OS X GUI: 1st Proposal

Georg Seifert georg.seifert at gmx.de
Mon Jun 8 17:40:49 CEST 2009

Would it be possible to use VLCKit? I know that not everything is  
implemented. What needs to be done on VLCKit?

I did some experiments implementing a MediaLibrary myself and found it  
really handy to use all the cocoa stuff like coreData and spotlight.

So I wonder what is the bigger task: Integrating all the core vlc code  
into cocoa or fix the missing parts of VLCKit.


p.s. i really need to try VLCKit ...

>> Fellow VLC Developer Community,
>> I've been working the last days (actually 2 weeks but with breaks)  
>> on a first proposal how the new VLC Mac user interface could look  
>> like.
>> The design I've come up with is pretty radical and screws some  
>> conventions but I think it's really for a better user experience.
>> Sadly it's not fully compliant with the Mac OS X Humane Interface  
>> Guidelines.
>> This mockups are not polished yet, all icons and UI elements are  
>> lent or just quickly made up by me for the purpose of demonstration.
>> Anyway here it is and I want to open the thread for feedback and  
>> discussion.
>> VLC Mac GUI Iteration 1 (1.2MB, 3500x2000px, I warned you)
>> Regards,
>> Dominic
>> (By the way: Shall we open up a wiki page for the new Mac GUI?)
> I love the ideas. There are some good things in there, and I sure  
> hope that the people who have stepped forward take these ideas all  
> the way.
> I have some points i would like to mention however:
> * Remember that localization is done using gettext is VLC. (see  
> localizedString: and delocalizeString [1]) These are basically  
> "extensions to NSString" VLC does not have localization using lproj  
> folders as is normal on Mac OS X, we fake this. This means that the  
> Interface needs to be very flexible in String usage because what is  
> short in one language, can be very long in another.
> * VLC is not like most applications in that it is an Objective C  
> application within a C application. That means that many things in  
> VLC are being done, before that the GUI is even started (unless we  
> switch to VLCKit) See also OpenIntf, CloseIntf and Run() in [1]
> The key to succes here is a lot of communication, many developers  
> being involved and knowing what we can reuse and what should be  
> rewritten. A wikipage might be handy.
> [1] http://git.videolan.org/?p=vlc.git;a=blob;f=modules/gui/macosx/intf.m;h=ddc4b1f3cdfcf34bbb693cf84d87c5be952f2898;hb=eb16d85e759173ed48e49ea95cf132f0756715bd
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