[vlc-devel] Hi, I want translation VLC media player Korean..

Sidney Doria ssdoria at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 04:53:29 CEST 2009


if you come to be a VLC translator...

do it with criteria. Take a deep breath because the translation file
of VLC has 5000+ lines.

Quality is more important to VLC project. To be the default player of
people (and VLC has this potential!) it must be in maximum quality. So
your translation is crucial to archieve a succeful covering in Korea.
Think about it. Choose the correct words, understand all context of
each word. Ask to other translators (including me). Good luck,

Sidney Doria
Brazilian Portuguese Translator of VLC.

2009/6/1 airplanez <airplanez at gmail.com>:
> Hi, I'm Airplanez.
> I sent mail to [Han HoJoong]0demon0 at paran.com who previous Korean
> Translator.
> But I can't receive anything from Han HoJoong.
> So.. I wish translate VLC media player Korean Lang..
> please send me a localization file.
> I translate XBMC(some kind of media)player Korean Lang.
> and http://code.google.com/p/appkorean/downloads/list .
> Thanks And Regard Airplanez.
> ps.
> This is sent mail to Han HoJoong(Google translotor, something strange)
> =====
> Hello. airplanez is called.
> VLC media player for home duty
> Hangul Manager looking to the Lord Han HoJoong will mail.
> VLC media player version of the vlc-1.0.0-rc1-win32.exe found
> I think that does not go anymore localized.
> Is localized be stopped? Wondering whether you're going to do.
> If you do not progress to the more localized localized to continue, I want
> to ..
> I hope will answer e-mail.
> Please answer .. If you do not have answers on VLC media player I'll never
> find out.
> So good-bye.
> =====
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: airplanez <airplanez at gmail.com>
> Date: 2009/5/13
> Subject: 안녕하세요. VCL 한글 번역에 관해 문의가 있어서요
> To: 0demon0 at paran.com
> 안녕하세요. airplanez 라고 합니다.
> VLC media player 홈페이지에 가보니
> Han HoJoong 님께서 한글 관리자인것을 보고 메일드립니다.
> VLC media player 의 vlc-1.0.0-rc1-win32.exe 버전이 나왔는데
> 한글화가 더이상 진행되지 않는것 같네요.
> 한글화가 중지된것인가요? 어떻게 되어 가고 있는것인지 궁금합니다.
> 한글화를 더이상 진행하지 않으시면 제가 한글화를 이어서 진행했으면 하는데..
> 답변 메일 주셨으면 좋겠습니다.
> 답변주세요.. 답변이 없으시면 VLC media player 쪽과 상의해보겠습니다.
> 그럼 안녕히 계세요.
> =================================
> It's me airplanez........
> airplanez at gmail.com
> http://tiptipz.blogspot.com/
> http://airplanez.blogspot.com/
> ================================
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