[vlc-devel] Questions on KeyToString/VLCKeyToString and i18n

Dupont Lajoie gozer at progrock.com
Mon Jun 22 18:46:12 CEST 2009

Hi all,

after a lot of work on the French translation for the future 1.0 version, I still have some remarks concerning the hotkeys preference window:
- in this window none of the key names are translated...
- for most keys it's OK but for all special keys (space,enter and so on) it looks ugly
- it's mostly ugly for 'Unset'

Questions (on the Qt version only?)
- do we need to have the current names for the "internal" link to the key events (I know that for X11 you need the exact names as known by X11 and no translation is to be done) ?
- where is the string used for display and where for the internal logic?
- someone should be aware of where to add the calls to gettext (or the Qt corresponding function)?

Do we have the time to change this for the next version?


   Eric Lassauge <goze at progrock.com>

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