[vlc-devel] [PATCH] -- more small patches for Linux and qt4

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Sat Mar 7 14:30:21 CET 2009

Le samedi 7 mars 2009 15:10:55 brezhoneg1, vous avez écrit :
> Patch1 : bug or not bug ? at least, vlc hanging
> -----------------------------------------------

> The patch just removes this stringent Expose condition. Testing
> MapNotify is sufficient to ensure that no Xlib error occurs later on
> (BadWindow or BADdrawable).

Please remove the dangling variables next time you remove some code.
Good catch anyway. Merged.

> Patch2: vlc qt4 and systray
> ---------------------------
> On Ubuntu7.10, when clicking on systray (show/hide) when a video is
> playing, Xlib keeps complaining with the following error :
> QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 1
> [????????] x11 video output error: X11 request 42.0 failed with error
> code 8:
>  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
> This patch just changes the order of two qt4 commands (functionally
> makes no difference, but xlib seems to like it more !).
> Yet Ubuntu7.10 is a bit old. Maybe this behavior have been corrected in
> more recent QT4 version ?

I don't know. It seems more logical to enable the window before it's hidden. I 
mean, I can guess why it causes an X error. On the other hand, will this not 
cause some UI flickering? JB?

> Patch3: missing vlc_object_release in qt4 menu.cpp
> ---------------------------------------------------

This seems wrong. If there really is a systemic reference leak, then we should 
simply remove the vlc_object_hold call a few lines above. But I would assume 
there is a reason why we hold it. My guess is that it would cause the menu to 
crash if the input changes in the middle of an user interaction.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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