[vlc-devel] RE : commit: qt4-correct several problems relatedto p_input ( main input manager class) (Erwan Tulou )

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Mon Mar 16 18:33:51 CET 2009

Le lundi 16 mars 2009 02:15:37 brezhoneg1, vous avez écrit :
> > > qt4-correct several problems related to p_input (main input manager
> >
> > class)
> >
> > > Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>
> >
> >  This patch breaks playlist visual look on current item. and I don't
> >  actually see any seve or several problems which this one would fix
> >  either (or I missed trac ticket or two).
> Actually, the patch corrects three problems (2 pertaining to qt4 as a
> dialog provider for skins and 1 as the regular qt4). The problems for
> skins are real (lead to crashes when using menus). The one for regular
> qt4 was obviously a typo, but sometimes even removing a typo may have
> side effects. If so, please find attached a patch that reverts this part 
> of the previous patch.

Well actually... a VLC object pointerc must never ever ever ever ever be 
passed to a Qt signal. This is prone to unsafe constructs. Qt signals are 
asynchronous, and hence cannot directly interoperate with VLC object 
reference counting.

Also, the input manager is a horrible pile of spaghettis, intertwining events 
*and* signals/slots, and using both function parameters and object properties 
for the same informations (look at inputChanged and setInput!!).

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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