[vlc-devel] why vlc change my picture size??

JUN LIN lang83115 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 11:36:57 CET 2009

I spend some time plugin a new v4l2 module into vlc which will capture media
data from a Video capture card.
under this module,vlc can Display/Streaming 4-channel live menu on 4
screen.but there is a question
on one screen:vlc will change the size of the picture which i capture from
the PCI card
(for instance, the original size is 352x288 but vlc will change into
384x288), i don't want to change my picture size really.
whatever, i found than if i change the aspect ratio into right value, the
problem was disappear.
can some on tell me,why vlc do these and my solution is proper?
sorry for my poor english

thanks a lot!

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