[vlc-devel] MP4 demuxer question

Sébastien Escudier sebastien-devel at celeos.eu
Wed Mar 25 10:15:44 CET 2009


I'd like to read incomplete mp4 files with vlc but it's not working.

For example if you record a mp4 file with vlc, and if vlc crash the file
can't be read.

Or If you try to read a mp4 file while vlc is still recording that file
it won't work.

mplayer is able to read and seek the file in both cases.

messages are :

mp4 stream debug: found Box: ftyp size 20
mp4 stream debug: found an empty box (null size)
mp4 stream debug: dumping root Box "root"
mp4 stream debug: |    + ftyp size 20
mp4 demux debug: ISO Media file (isom) version 0.
mp4 demux error: MP4 plugin discarded (no moov box)

Is there something I can do ?


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