[vlc-devel] VLC 1.0.0-pre1 issues

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Sat Mar 28 23:51:17 CET 2009

Hello people,

We have quite many bugs still happening for current trunk.
Here are some of the more importants I have seen.

- Resampling still broken (see #1962 and patch related and #1862) (0.9+1.0)
- DVD menus are weirdly working and some people say that 0.8.6 can break
  region-locking while 0.9 cannot?
  And there is always issues with DVD menus and video filters.
- RTSP is totally broken on Windows (no freebox at all) (1.0)
- Recording doesn't work on Windows, wrong location? (1.0)
- DVB is broken on Windows (kenS?) (1.0)
- DMO is broken, so no wmap decoding anymore (1.0
- SVQ3 HD in mov stutters (regression, see #2547) (1.0)
- Majors leaks in DVB-T (#2605) and in seeking (2588) and fake (#2329)
- Seeking issues (#2589) but AVI seeking seems fixed? (1.0)
- H264 decoding has some issues since a long time (#2610 add to the list)
  (0.9 and 1.0)
- Many Qt bugs (I know... I'll work on those) (1.0)
- Video Filters make FSC to show when in non-fullscreen mode and make VLC
  crash on exit quite often. (1.0)
- ASS and subtitles files need to be checked on Windows, because the styles
  don't apply at once. (0.9 and 1.0)
- CPU consumption can be huge for some codecs (3x,4x more than 0.9)
- MKV real video support is still lacking stuffs (cook, correct RV40, etc...)
- Audio channels seem to be in wrong order in many samples with 5.1 and 7.1
  (especially in M2TS) (new)
- DVB-H seems to be broken in 0.9 and 1.0
- MKV hangs if there are many MKV in the same folder? (WTF?) (as always)
- IGMP issues (group not created?) (0.9+1.0)
- Mac Windows Ratio is still not fixed (0.9+1.0)
- HTTP files need cleanup...

And as usual, more broken samples can be found at

Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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