[vlc-devel] Start decoding H.264 stream without I/IDR farmes?

Yedidia Amit amit.yedidia at elbitsystems.com
Sun Mar 29 12:38:43 CEST 2009

Hi All,

In short: 
Does VLC supports start playing H.264 stream without receiving I/IDR
farmes? (I don't care abouth the expected artifacts)
In long: 
 I have hardware encoder which sends h264/RFC3984 stream in multicast or
This hardware is also controlled by RTSP server (based on LIVE555). 
I want to be able to play the stream using VLC, and join the stream even
after the playback starte.
 The problem is that the source generate only one IDR frame in the
start, and uses AIR (adaptive intra refresh) - to preserve a constant
bitrate as much aspossible. 
There are no other IDR or other I frames beside the first one. 
The RTSP server sends the SPS/PPS in the SDP, and they are also
transmitted in-band (RTP) from time to time. 
The first player which address the RTSP server and actually initiate the
stream (and receive the first IDR frame) is able to play the stream.
 The second player which address the RTSP server and want to join the
same existing stream (and already missed the first IDR) is NOT able to
play the stream. 
I have no problem with the artifact I expect to see when  starting to
decode withot proper refernce frame, since in short interval all
macroblocks will be refreshed (AIR).
 Is such scenario is supported in VLC ?
 If so what can be my problem? Are there other implementation that can
solve my probelm? . 


Amit Yedidia
Elbit System Ltd.

Email: amit.yedidia at elbitsystems.com
Tel: 972-4-8318905

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