[vlc-devel] Virtual Memory increase in VLC player

Arnab Samanta arnabsamanta at tataelxsi.co.in
Mon Mar 30 06:27:14 CEST 2009

 Hello Developers, 

  I am trying to stream mpeg4+g711 in asf container from DM355 (OS - Linux) to another PC in LAN with VLC player as client player on it (OS - WIN Xp).

  I am using 8.6c and 9.2 version of the VLC Player.
  After some hours (16 hrs observed) , we observe that the virtual memory increase to a limit (1.6 Gb observed) and the Player hangs or crashes.
  While playback, we observed a constant increase in VM in task manager on the Client PC .
  The observation is same for both the above mentioned versions.  
  Please help me understand the phenomenon.
  Can any body here kindly tell me what could be the reason behind the constant increase in Virtual Memory and suggest how to avoid it so that it can    run for longer durations?



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