[vlc-devel] Chroma-key plugin for VLC as class broadcast client

Juan Fernando Herrera J. juanfhj at gmail.com
Sun May 3 18:39:38 CEST 2009

Greetings. I wondered if someone could be interested in this idea.
It's about a player mode in which the player image would be
chroma-keyed against the computer desktop, so that the image would
overlap the windows contents.

This would be useful for broadcasting a class lecture, in which the
lecturer's silhouette would overlap, say, a pdf viewer with some
network functionality to allow the lecturer to control the pdf
display, annotate it, etc..

The idea is presented in this page:

I would have a great interest in this idea. I work along an
astrophysics interest group at a university, and we’re interested in
broadcasting astrophysics and other courses through the net.  I feel
myself in a capacity to contribute code, still a bit limited, so I’m
interested in contacting interested developers.

Please contact by email or reply in this list (is that not too off-topic?)


Juan Herrera
Astrophysics Interest Group
Universidad de Antioquia
DBA Analyst
Universidad EAFIT

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