[vlc-devel] 0.9 bug fixes not in 1.0

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sun May 10 18:15:33 CEST 2009


git-cherry finds 435 (of 927) commits in the 0.9-bugfix branch that are not in
the 1.0-bugfix branch. 60 of those are marked cherry-picked, so I assume they
simply conflicted during the cherry-pick. Some of those are i18n stuff. And a
bunch deal with version numbering and news.

Still, 375 mismatches seems like quite a lot...

7752cc3 Bump version
54bb08a Fix make dist
01b847b macosx: This fixes running VLC on PPC and reverts [5c0c38f4973b0a8100348b541dd81fd146444d2a].
1a1ee38 macosx: Don't do fancy stuff on 10.4.
490cf2b update NEWS
bc58d7c Don't mention 0.9.0. It'll just confuse people.
8eba57e Sync PO
111f899 macosx: Attempt to really fix window look.
10e8325 Don't resize when you toggle playlist if undocked.
535e9f1 Fixed AR setting for dvdsimple, support AR for dvdnav.
9e39e1d Revert "Added BLOCK_FLAG_TYPE_MASK define (helper)."
2ced06c Revert "Correctly set the index keyframe flag in avi muxer."
9a6e550 Update french translation.
b794b9f l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
fbd8c12 Dvdread: avoid a nasty crash.
384b169 Update french translation.
60f548c l10n: Finnish update by Otto Kekäläinen
301bcb2 l10n: Ducth update by Myckel Habets
4986382 l10n: Hungarian update by Gabor Kelemen
dcdbb89 l10n: A few fixes in Hungarian.
3adb71a l10n: German update by nonickname2
82c07fb Fix SSE compilation when you Crosscompile, and fix O3 flags.
e78f0fa Bump version of bugfix to 0.9.2
4d41353 l10n; really commit German updates
fc455a6 Remove unuseful debug.
42c63d9 Small fix in fr.po
8f75e26 Update po.
0c48f0d Cosmetics + clean up.
ef164c2 l10n: German update
0611e68 Fix libdvdread behaviour and crashes on Windows.
ec17208 Bump version here also
b17ab09 Small fix in finnish l10n
638daae Quick hack to solve the save volume on exit.
6f07200 Do not set sout-keep by default.
946351e Add a sout-keep option in the GUI as sout-keep is removed by default.
87502c7 Quick Fix to avoid a segfault on various chaining of close/open/cancel.
64b3618 Shut a valgrind warning.
a9b4d59 Added "intf-change-vout" variable to warn about vout creation/destruction.
e2f633e Fix 'pausing does move the slider to 0'.
6f69173 Yet again a try to fix the sizing behaviour when too big...
fd34269 Correctly pass all the arguments of v4l/dshow when transcoding.
7efe8f5 Version is 0.9.2
56c38ae Correct behaviour of passing a MRL to Sout dialog. Really close #1998
4d19719 l10n: Dutch fixes by Myckel Habets
81f77b7 Remove buttons since they aren't implemented.
651e8ef contrib: use a newer ffmpeg
65983cf Add new functions to Lua API.
4e98f15 Spaces fixes.
85f6917 Update Po files.
e18dac8 l10n: Spanish update by Antonio Javier Varela
26a055e Reset preferences by default on installer.
b8110c1 Fix jack input MRL generation and add more debug to fix some windows subtitles issues.
31aeec9 Fix merging the patch
6de5681 macosx: don't use 10.5 only stuff within this branch
dbbea5e po: updated all files in preparation for the release
8b2e608 Qt: Cosmetic issue that defaulted the videoEffect tab to the  last one.
e6224ef Win32: Link Qt4 to qjpeg.
13a0580 Ship default skin.
da41b00 l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
6583942 Update-po.
6b069ca Deactivate skins2 in simple preferences and installer...
f66511c Revert "Default enable http forward cookies"
15517d0 Small package-win32 fix
74011e3 Revert "Deactivate skins2 in simple preferences and installer..."
400650e l10n: Spanish translation update by Antonio Javier Varela
32b11b0 NEWS reformulations.
77cc89e Workaround spatializer bugs.
6d4830b Forgotten include <math.h> in previous spatializer fix.
6e49c7d Update the modules LIST.
c3f827a Update-po.
c9276f3 oups forgot to add bulgarian here
4ccb4dd Refresh bg.po
018e10a Fix the news
9e5ac0a Fix the news again (especially layout)
4f26e72 increase version number
8904473 macosx: fix forward button in main controller to go forward instead of backward
9b880b5 Delete *.dll and plugins before install.
1bfb443 macosx: Properly relaunch VLC when asked for.
9836bd0 macosx: Make sure preferences version is saved.
3c1281b Revert "Delete *.dll and plugins before install."
d82c290 Manuall pick 84cc4e6f1d0adea0a9ed16b50ad08b538ebc9b15 since this is a regression from 0.8.6
eacb9a1 NEWS for 0.9.3
73ab1cd Disable focus on buttons to avoid "space" to be catched by a button on focus.
3d52992 audiofilters: Do not try to insert user audio-filters when our target is SPDIF.
6656dc8 More NEWS. Do it often to not forget important changes.
01595ad Fixed broken input_AddSubtitles.
e6dc156 Reserved a few space in block_t flags for input core.
b2c03da Add some news.
c3f723f Add --enable-run-as-root option to configure.
bbbb663 NEWS: ffmpeg ppc fix and font selection on osx.
fc28134 Contribs: Die if NO_RELOCATION
e6977ce news: Font renderer backport.
677512f remove voutqt.m from POTFILES
65c2a9b Qt4: More debug for windows FSC issue.
834bd87 Qt4: Fight against Windows FS controller, one more round.
f71123b Fix a few bugs in update pgp code.
1ca8909 Update system will fail on v4 signatures.
6a02acc Qt4: Remove debug messages now.
216c5f3 More NEWS
f013825 Resort NEWS.
c520abe Qt4: win32 native open dialog.
c9a105a Some minor OS X updates
7b471a5 ehm, typo
305f354 macosx: Fixed the appereance of playlist items in the Streaming/Transcoding Wizard
3057e78 macosx: backported the include-email-or-not selector in the crash reporter panel
8b2371b updated po-files because a few strings were changed
24ee80b macosx: fixed behaviour of the volnorm settings
cba05c8 minor update of the German translation reflecting the most important new strings
17a722a NSFontManager's setTarget isn't defined in 10.4u, so we need to intercept the firstResponder
bd4d397 clean-up
78b9357 Clean-up and minor update
2338c79 macosx: fix reset of some of the simple prefs sections.
8392e8f macosx: Correct Reset all in simple prefs
a084cc7 live555: fix PLAY starttime.
ed0d3e1 live555: grah, spurious char.
ce1b17e contrib: add fontconfig cache and conf locations.
e67328f Qt4: larger fullscreen controller.
a80a704 NEWS.
19b7b56 mms: We can reach MMSTUClose before the keepalive thread was initiated.
59adec1 Fixed support for font color/opacity for html rendered text (close #2098).
74f808c Previous strategy to not have to translate does not work. Too bad. See the French translation
aecdd21 Qt4: compile fix.
b8cc196 (x264) b_adapt is still a boolean, so use the boolean value to set i_bframe_adaptive.
4fc9d96 l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
16e3133 l10n: Hungarian uate by Gabor Kelemen
28f5fdf Update vlc.pot and *.po
2c5a757 Small win32 installer fix.
f6fac4a Fixed SSA subtitles pausing.
254eb3d l10n: Bulgarian update by Ivo Ivanov
8d43322 l10n: Polish update by Michał Trzebiatowski
7bb2dd7 l10n: Slovak update by Marián Hikaník
811e703 l10n: Catalan update by Xènia Albà Cantero
5f4d1c3 l10n: Romanian update by Cristian Secară
d1f4554 Win32 Vout: Try to fix the display of the MI on exit of movie in FS mode.
3cc0a0c More News
5b22c7f contribs: fix libswscale compilation
713969b properly set the release version info and fix NEWS for make dist
9bc3044 contrib: fix compilation of ffmpeg with altivec enabled.
b1b9ec0 macosx: stupid c&p error
2f6407f Fix encoding of bulgarian nsis l10n
77795f6 l10n: some fix in Italian by Vincenzo Reale
a4976df l10n: Chinese update by  Wei Mingzhi
624d984 Update PO
e2f8aa0 Next version should be 0.9.4
a0383d9 Qt4: go around another Win32 Vout bug.
c112476 l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
c4018fe l10n: bulgarian update by Ivo Ivanov
104f2c5 l10n: french update by Vincent MAUGE
4793c51 macosx: finish backport of [6342bd65fb2062d14880febb1cdcf7ec61adff34]
9439810 macosx: move the embeddedvout controls slightly to the right
9dfaf16 directory: Make sure the intf gets a last signal when directory is done adding items.
1a5a6b8 macosx: Add a link to the playlistitem menu to retrieve Cover Art.
df631c5 Win32 Vout: try to correctly set fullscreen mode under winCE and win32.
7f7e8bb Revert "Qt4: go around another Win32 Vout bug."
77815a6 Interface doesn't have to go around Vout bugs.
d78fa4f l10n: Polish update by Michał Trzebiatowski
0c53675 macosx: Fix update downloader
48b680e Don't stat the dir if we are gonna open it one call later.
1efae7b Qt4 WIn32: play use the simple open, as advised by xtophe.
882bb18 Update-PO
59a9254 Resource leak in media_discoverer.
d044c1d Convert some stat to utf8_stat
d69e26a directory: let's hope that the directory module is slightly less unstable this way.
fdf161e l10n: Romanian update by Cristian Secară
18ba8b4 l10n: Polish update by Michał Trzebiatowski
a577b58 0.9.4-git -> 0.9.4 and update of NEWS
af70e9e l10n: Italian update by Vincenzo Reale
773ebaa l10n: Japanese update by Tadashi Jokagi
4f51e27 minor layout fix to make sure that certain localised strings are shown completely
b72db57 (zvbi) forward port telx transparency from 1.0.0-git
f910b49 Update-po before a release.
4c4e715 ffmpeg changed offset_t to int64_t in svn rev15533. Let's keep up with them.
76bbe6a Fix resource leak when loadsave fail (CID 94)
c3f9f69 fixes backport [76bbe6a62aee35adf7d82a3199bfdee3a17580de]
557bb79 Revert "fixes backport [76bbe6a62aee35adf7d82a3199bfdee3a17580de]"
432dba7 fixes backport [76bbe6a62aee35adf7d82a3199bfdee3a17580de]
ae754a4 Revert "Fix missing declaration (supposedly crash on amd64)"
83380be Update PO.
59a6eb3 It's no longer 0.9.4
7f41e3e Fixed spu destruction order.
d7d9559 file: Big bug... typo in the define.
6d2465b l10n: Czech update by Tomáš Chvátal
13072b3 contrib: update ffmpeg used for 0.9.5 to version of today.
2f4a1c6 libmpeg2: Enable CC parsing.
415a7df NEWS: small news update
db874d9 Allow users to choose the german l10n
0311dd5 Don't build theora API documentation.
003198c (contrib) use autoreconf after patching Makefile.am in libmodplug
19cfce6 (contrib) enable zvbi for win32
f23bee0 (contrib) regenerate libdvdread patch.
bb9121e (contrib) use autoreconf iso autoconf in libass
f7f5008 Patch no longer applies cleanly. This needs fixing not for committing in vlc-git.
9a8efe1 Fix compilation for windows using mingw.
ac717cc (contrib) Building zvbi for windows with dynamic pthreadsGC2 dll
aad0c22 Full teletext and cc support for windows.
53af46b Revert "Patch no longer applies cleanly. This needs fixing not for committing in vlc-git."
4917f7f Revert "Fix compilation for windows using mingw." it was not meant for committing either.
ddedad8 (contrib) regenerate libdvdread again ...
814cffc (contrib) Do not use --std=c99 for ffmpeg on contrib when crosscompiling to win32.
79b3991 l10n: Swedish update
5223c13 Update NEWS
f1163b8 Fix access_filter_record allocation size (fixes #2229)
f735d95 l10n: Brazilian Portuguese update
b7865a2 Update 0.9.5 NEWS.
0474537 Fix Win32 packaging and NEWS about libpng
d028a7a [Qt] Win32: correctly open VIDEO_TS folders from open directory
f545f8f Let's prepare for 0.9.5
92a5ba7 Do not try to open - as a directory
a53c91a 0.9.5
bb92f3a Update vlc.pot and l10n files
72bb472 It's no longer 0.9.5
df4eec2 l10n: Brazilian portuguese update
53c73d5 l10n: Polish update
e875586 l10n: Ukrainian translation by Alexey Lugin
b24fc99 l10n: Brazillian Portuguese update
ac31abd l10n: dutch update
bef4a08 RTSP authentication with DSS
724612f l10n: Japanese update
03e19b2 l10n: Slovak update
3908973 l10n: Polish update
847f6f9 l10n: Dutch update
11e7b71 l10: Hungarian update
c486b8e l10n: Polish update
16d4e1f Sync PO files
66ddb16 Version 0.9.6
0859c70 l10n: French update
f788297 l10n: Slovenian update
6977b85 It's no longer 0.9.6
4fdab13 Embedded video crashes on Windows as well (fixes #2279)
8a95f5f l10n: Brazillian Portuguese update
ce551cf l10n: Dutch update
4b45098 l10n: Spanish update
faffd53 ub.sh: prettified the comments a bit
8e8ffcc Fix numbers
902edb3 l10n: French update
3b673a9 Include stddef (to match master behavior).
552963d (qt4) Define reverse playback direction button in qt4 interface (not visible yet).
814eafd Document new feature RTSP trickplay support.
e063c7b (live555) Reset PCR after returning to normal rate after fastforward or rewind.
36e0622 (live555) Fix seeking
fcf3720 Missing assert include.
a643d7e macosx: properly set up the nextKeyView for all text fields in the sprefs
5aa6f64 Revert "(live555) Fix seeking"
04b4fec Revert "(live555) Reset PCR after returning to normal rate after fastforward or rewind."
99913ba Revert "Add can-rate to distinguish between normal rate control and negative playback direction."
ee59e04 Revert "Enable rc fastforward and rewind commands for RTSP trickplay."
b90c40a Revert "Fix rate slower/faster in rewind mode."
5eb7ee4 Revert "Document new feature RTSP trickplay support."
64e2fdc Revert "(qt4) Define reverse playback direction button in qt4 interface (not visible yet)."
8c510fe Revert "Signal can_rewind for use by user interfaces."
786f58f Revert "Allowing for rate < 0 enables rewind playback for eg: RTSP streams."
16dd19e Revert "(live555) RTSP fastforward works from Qt4 interface."
28a834b Sync PO files
ab3e5dc 0.9.7
a8e4f02 Version 0.9.8
4bc422b Really fix the real overflow
f6f8478 Update PO version number
6bdbaea Fix for VLC installer commands.
7790a12 Update version number
da7a344 Looks like something is removing vlc-config.in.in in some cases
9045253 Start version 0.9.9
d10a674 Updated translation by M.T. with a few changes by myself
e81f61f l10n: Polish update
b87e8c8 l10n: New Indonesian localisation by Luqman Hakim
808cc79 l10n: Persian update
c74bf4c put CVE numbers for 0.9.6
bd59e20 l10n: Dutch update
3fd6841 l10n: Dutch update
7150ca8 Big clean up/rewrite of the real demuxer.
218b97e Increase its priority.
5a85f7f Match the Real Demuxer from the branch with trunk.
eef31bd Add .rm and .rmvb extensions.
bcca70d Telnet: fix win32 work.
36fd093 l10n: French update
bdc4c9e l10n: Dutch fixes
391e53c l10n: Initial Kurmanji (Kurdish) translation
ededbdb l10n: Japanese update
8712739 framework: compilation fix
87a2c44 osx-wizard: make sure to only re-select encap formats that are actually available *coughcough*
b34d09f l10n: Brazillian Portuguese update
7bf96e7 Win32: correctly remove file at uninstall.
2609302 macosx: display only information on the currently playing item instead of the item selected in the 
0d71f1b macosx: fix previous commit
8effdf5 macosx: Remove orphan line which prevented the execution of our intf timer
47c7f83 l10n: Italian update
0d0760b l10n: Dutch update
c147413 l10n: Simplified Chinese update
1e492f3 Backported [688d48fe32ff697fe76ca80286ab0927a7d8c142] and [68a19d04d39a40854dbd5f48195735516d73ec8b]
343c86e Don't wait location-node for creating input, and allow multiple location nodes on track.
3acd3c5 contribs: win32 cross-compilation fixes
48024c1 dvdread: updated patch to fit the current svn revision
b17e7f5 RTP: allow receiving RTP on odd ports for compatibility
1ba2ee6 SAP: fix RTP port parity
0330dcb l10n: Japanese update
421dabb l10n: Russian update
ef86351 l10n: Bengali translation
ac5b0f7 Activate Bengali l10n
6145ada Add some translators
b5d249d macosx: changed the data appearance in the info panel to the following behaviour: if playlist is 
collapsed, we show data about the currently playing item. if the playlist is shown, we show data about
6eba8af file missing in previous commit *coughcough*
1d82f47 Safe default ACL also for the old HTTP interface
2deb44f Bump SO revisions (we should do it at every release...)
d4db8b6 News for Branch.
44c02ca Fix horrible typo.
b524a41 Fix my stupid commit
2fcf254 l10n: Sorani (Kurdish) translation
19bc31c l10n: Occitan update
25bca42 l10n: Russian update
44b504f l10n: French update
918d008 Add libvlc_media_add_option_untrusted()
4409e90 Back-end for creating playlist input items with option flags
f77b039 Add libvlc_playlist_add_extended_untrusted()
ce66971 Update libvlc and libvlccore version numbers due to new APIs
caafdff Qt: always provide an option to preferences in skins.
627eb87 macosx: Don't update the messages more than needed.
5ead92f mtime: Use mach_absolute_time on Mac OS X instead of gettimeofday.
4f2178a mozilla: update the copyright string correctly
1efac2e updated news
dcd8775 minor compilation fix
57f47d0 Release Candidate for 0.9.9
6e92466 l10n: Russian update
294078a playlist_search: enable all items if the search string is empty (and remove an unused argument).
88254fd Manual backport of: "[MKV] Detect Dirac in MKV"
ca2c6ad Withdraw the 'fixed Mozilla/Safari plugin' from NEWS as it won't be finished in time
3b61028 taglib: manualy backport 5e567ccf38689401d366e0479cd8373aa44e6fa6 (and normally fix #2280)
59b8a17 l10n: Russian update
726f824 Correct NEWS and naming of 0.9.9-rc
63ea232 l10n: Brazillian Portugueze update
4191f06 l10n: Occitan update
340e114 macosx: make sure that the messages panel is updated nicely, when on screen
776c240 l10n: Russian update
f6a0db6 contribs: backported the bin-package mechanism for OSX
e94b79b Revert "libxml: fix plugin re-entrancy - refs #2541"
6566332 l10n: Russian update
ecebc6e l10n: Czech update
0fc4009 libxml: ugly fix for plugin re-entrancy - refs #2541
dac1378 contribs: update the script to master's version
a0768d5 l10n: Russian update
f106114 Missing static variable declaration
0fe3057 Qt: cohenrency for volume between FSC and main Controller. Solve the 1% issue reported by Trax
4720dae Backport fixes for audio resampling or downmixing from master.
3d67769 More news for 0.9.9
a32ad11 Revert "Call XInitThreads early enough"
956d60a l10n: Russian update
cceef86 l10n: Russian update
c08d3a6 RC2 for 0.9.9. We have had more changes that what was expected.
8f8d7e7 Fix [343c86e8d2522b5c3b482fee76ea16be7c34b3ed].
124c595 mozilla: Resolve files with conflicting licensing terms
12539fc mozilla: rewrite and license npunix.c/npwin.cpp under LGPLv2.1 (or later)
4d3f528 Leak rather than crash
fef23cf l10n: Bulgarian update
3aafd4a l10n: Swedish update
49f3721 macosx: don't use mach_absolute_time() (introduced in 5ead92ffd58088828ed802173d963b2571f0cd69)
84f8556 NEWS: Rewording..
4620005 v4l2: backport abb67751218416fcdae37e290c2c1d621cb0f56d
734c96a l10n: Update files for 0.9.9
b99b7c6 0.9.9 release
64a409c Revert "use MetaMatch in search instead compare to possible NULL value"
d477afd contribs: updated freetype, libpng, theora, FAAD, FAAC, lame, gcrypt, gnutls and ffmpeg
d4a94b4 contribs: compilation fix
e2fc4e7 contrib: try to work around issue with ffmpeg ppc.
1bed331 contrib: Makefile fix
6921258 contrib: final correction for swscale patch
b59a8f9 contrib: backport liveMedia patch
2510a20 push version to 0.9.9a (will be OS X only)
a535325 x264: Correct commit 40deedec9c7d79429fe6049436a2b8be992a178a
7786caa macosx ppc: this should hopefully fix 49f3721c5baa88feece1d8793f08f08b2ed86a4d
d754503 x264: compilation fix
bd47d88 l10n: updated po files for 0.9.9a
c5f355b Revert "Safe default ACL also for the old HTTP interface"
8f62170 Let's get the ball rolling for 0.9.10
5924456 Do not print the password in the log. That's dangerous!
c6d84b4 Fixed by decrementing the i_refcount variable in the correct manner - and therefore freeing the memory 
only when the i_refcount successfully went to 0.
f802795 Qt: fix a crash ( #342332 on ubuntu)
547b937 libvlc needs pthread. Pull in generic plugins flags.

P.S.: I like when the first line of a commit is not overly long...

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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