[vlc-devel] New Mozilla and ActiveX JavaScript

Cyril MATHE cmathe at actech-innovation.com
Wed May 13 16:49:05 CEST 2009


	I have worked on adding new functionalities to the VLC Web Plugin (both
Mozilla and ActiveX) and I have some new JavaScript call to suggest. I
want to know if the syntax is correct or if you want to change it. Here
is this new JavaScrip calls :

**Video object

readonly properties :

methods :
  * vlc.video.subtitleName(int i)
  * vlc.video.deinterlaceEnable("my_mode")
  * vlc.video.deinterlaceDisable()

**Marquee Object

methods :
      * vlc.video.marquee.enable()
      * vlc.video.marquee.disable()
      * vlc.video.marquee.text("my text")
      * vlc.video.marquee.option("option", int val)

**Audio object

readonly properties :
      * vlc.audio.trackCount

methods :
vlc.audio.trackName(int i)

**Equalizer object

write properties :
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.preset

methods :
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.enable()
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.disable()
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.presetName(int i)
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.getBand(int i)
      * vlc.audio.equalizer.setBand(int i, double amp)

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