[vlc-devel] Commit bits weight shrinking

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Mon May 18 18:37:09 CEST 2009


Since we switched to Git, not only were a lot of former developpers stripped 
of their commit access (because they did not ask for it), but the committers 
growth has slumped.

I guess the explanation is quite trivial: it's much easier to apply other 
people's patches with Git than it was in the Subversion time. With CVS and 
Subversion, there was a strong incentive for committers to promote patch 
submitters: not having to merge patches. Nowadays, to the contrary, there are 
incentives not to promote submitters: giving sign-offs makes you feel 
important, and it's a good opportunity to review and impose your desiderata.

As I am among the commits, I cannot pretend to *care* about this. But I know 
that I would not like to be demoted that much either, because I commit so too 
often, that it would become a pain. And that's what I am concerned about. 
Namely, maybe other people would contribute *more* if they had commit access, 
and we are not quite overstaffed... In other words this projects needs new 
blood, lest it die (In fact, I'm wondering if I shouldn't move on to something 
else after over 5 years almost without hardly any interruption). On top of 
that, the ECP will probably not supply that much new manpower as it used to.
Or maybe I'm just wishfully thinking that people would contribute more, and 
I'm inventing bad reasons why they don't.

I vaguely recall that this topic was to be brought up at the Xmas meeting but 
I think we dropped it due to lack of time after the legal matters discussion.

So hmm anyway, I'd like to know from those big non-committing contributors if 
they'd feel being able to commit would *help* them. I surely forget some, but 
I can think of in random order (sorry for mispellings):

David Flynn
Joseph/Erwan Tulou (uh, two first names??)
JP Dinger
Pierre Ynard
Sébastien Escudier
Vincent Penquerc'h
Basos G whatever his name is
the Actech folks

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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