[vlc-devel] GSoC Project : GPU decoding

Etienne Membrives etienne at membrives.fr
Mon May 18 21:22:56 CEST 2009


Andre-John Mas wrote :
> I am just curious as to the choice of VA-API and how this could eventually
> be migrated to use OpenCL. I ask the question, as OpenCL promises to
> cover more architectures than those originating from Intel. Of course
> VA-API is probably more mature at this point in time.

VA-API has one main advantage at this point : there is a public
implementation of this API, that works on Intel and nVidia cards (and an
ATI backend is on the way too). OpenCL implementations have only been
released privately.

Additionally, OpenCL is a more low-level API than VAAPI (or VDPAU, on
which I'm working currently). The API goes far beyond the scope of video
manipulation, and reassembles to API such as nVidia CUDA or ATI FireStream.

By it's low-level nature, I think it can be more interesting to bring
OpenCL to x264 than to VLC. But I'm open to propositions ... :)


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