[vlc-devel] GSoC Project : GPU decoding

Laurent Aimar fenrir at via.ecp.fr
Mon May 18 22:22:58 CEST 2009


On Mon, May 18, 2009, Etienne Membrives wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm Etienne Membrives, a 2nd year student in engineering at the Ecole
> Centrale Paris. It's my first Summer of Code, I'm doing it with
> VideoLAN, and I'm very happy to be here. My IRC nickname is “Sterops”.
> My project will be on implementing GPU decoding support for HD videos,
> mainly by using VA-API from Intel. My mentor is Jean-Paul Saman.
> I've made a wiki page [1] for the project.

 In case it helps, I had send a patch to this mailing list to use VA API
throught ffmpeg decoder.
 It is not optimal speedwise as it retreive the picture from the card before
sending it to the core, but the speed gain was not bad at all.

 The patch can be found here:

 If it help I can now commit it to 1.1 under #if 0.



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